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Voyage to the World’s Most Famous Wreckage

What if you could try something so unique, that the number of people who’d experienced it was less than those who’ve summited Everest - or even been to space

Over a hundred years since the Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic, you can now discover the most famous shipwreck in history for yourself. Each 10-day mission takes just nine adventurers on a deep ocean discovery to the Titanic’s wreck. Find out more about the expedition here.

The Most Extreme Way to Slide Down a Slope

Snowboarding? Been there, done that. It’s time to level up your game and give volcano boarding a try.  Did we mention that the volcano is active? Cerro Negro is a live volcano in Nicaragua—erupting as recently as 1999. It’s become a hotspot for extreme boarders, who can reach speeds of up to 80km per hour as they course down the volcano. This is definitely one for the bucket list. See more here.

Stories with gravity

What’s the real story behind those immortal ‘one small step’ words from Neil Armstrong? What it’s really like to travel into space and look back to see the whole of planet Earth? 

You will have the unique opportunity to gain a first-hand account of what life in space is really like from one of NASA’s veteran astronauts over a private lunch. Book here.

A Special Supper

Dine in the presence of a masterpiece. 

Are you an art enthusiast wanting to gain exclusive access to some of the most famous paintings on the planet? Look no further than Dinner da Vinci. This experience allows guests to enjoy a private viewing of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, along with an exclusive dinner hosted inside Milan’s Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie. Book to experience it here.

Stunning Sustainability

Introducing Svart Hotel: the world’s first energy-positive hotel above the Arctic Circle.

Due to open in 2021, experience living in proximity with nature at this Norwegian haven. Its distinctive circular shape gives guests 360° panoramic views of the surrounding glacier, fjord waters and Northern Lights. While you may want to spend your day enjoying the peace and quiet, other activities available include glacier hikes, Northern Light expeditions, yoga under the midnight sun and harvesting local delicacies.  Find out more about your Curated Adventure here.

Free as the Wind

The Wind Collective are a global travel community founded on nomadic principles, championing freedom, adventure and creativity.

Every trip is crafted by The Wind Collective’s creative team, in collaboration with local partners and communities covering all corners of the world. Clients will enjoy an immersive experience from start to finish, engaging in cultural experiences, building a community and living their best creative life. Book your experience here.

Off-Grid Retreat

Michelin-starred chef Iliana Regan and her wine-expert wife Anna have opened the Milkweed Inn, a magical and intimate B&B located within the Michigan’s Hiawatha National Forest.

Each weekend during the summer months, guests are invited to escape the routine and “hang out completely off the grid”. Those staying in one of the inn’s unique cabins, rooms or glamping tents can relax, eat, drink, stargaze, fish, kayak, hike and more on the 100+ acre site. Those looking for a culinary and outdoor adventure like this can book their stay here.

Live Like a Local

NotOnMap is a handcrafted, social-driven initiative that lets travellers from around the world visit rural parts of India which are struggling.

This Curated Adventure is about beautiful experiences in remote locations, and giving something back too. Hosts from the community open their doors to NotOnMap travellers, extending their warm hospitality and allowing guests to truly live like a local. Find out more about the experience here.

Swedish-Chic Escape​

Accessed only by a boat or plane and a 45km drive, Fabriken Furillen is a sustainably-designed, off-grid hotel in Gotland, Sweden.

For those really looking to escape the everyday, you can book to stay in the hotel’s WiFi-free Hermit’s Cabin - the nightly rate decreases each day as a test of guest’s ability to resist modern technology. Book your Swedish escape here.

Find Your Tribe

Available for just two months a year, travel company Abercrombie & Kent provide the opportunity for travellers to visit the Amazon and discover the Kayapó tribe.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an immersion into a new culture like no other. Guests can join the Kayapó tribe for a hike through local trails, learn warriors’ hunting techniques and create their own body paint. You’ll want to bring your camera for this one; email for more information:

Perfect Family Time

Nimmo Bay Wilderness resort sits in the heart of the southern Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia and offers families a chance to experience the region’s beauty with no limits.

The focus of this Curated Adventure is on quality time spent with the most important people in your life, enhanced by the opportunity to slow down, listen, learn and laugh. Find out more about this experience from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Be Inspired by the Sea

The Minos Beach Hotel is a boutique 5-star hotel on the island of Crete. It’s home to the Under the Sea Museum, an eclectic outdoor gallery of contemporary artworks by both Greek and international artists.

This is a wonderful, multi-sensory stay, perfect for those looking to switch off the everyday, awaken their senses and hone in on new experiences. Book this underwater adventure here.

Straight from the Source

California-based company Outstanding in the Field creates radical dining experiences, hosting diners right at the source of their menu’s ingredients.

Celebrating human connection, conversation and the origins of great food, guests are seated together at a single long table. The “restaurant” is built each morning and disappears every night: a magical, momentary experience set in an extraordinary site. Find out how to join them at the table here.

Take Dining to New Heights

Described as “a story in 20 courses”, Ultraviolet is an innovative and fully immersive dining experience.

The first experimental restaurant of its kind, diners are exposed to sensory play through light, music, sounds and scents, alongside exquisite courses designed to entertain and challenge perceptions of taste. Discover more here.

Count Your Stars

Oman is one of the best places in the world to see the stars and those seeking Curated Adventure can enjoy a private, bespoke expedition into the heart of Oman’s Wahiba Desert.

Guests on this expedition will be accompanied by an expert astronomer-historian who, when the sun sets, will share tales of the Arabian mythology surrounding the constellations. You’ll stay in traditional Bedouin tents, enjoying the highest level of comfort. Find out more about this experience from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

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Forage for Freshness

​For an immersive culinary experience in Japan - combining appreciation of wild, local produce with exquisite fine-dining - look no further than Miyamasou.

To gain a better understanding of tsumikusa ryori, guests have the opportunity to experience ingredient gathering with Chef Master Hisato Nakahigashi. Find out more about this experience from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Fall Off The Map

In a world of constant connectivity, Black Tomato’s Get Lost programme takes clients to uncharted destinations and challenges them to explore their way out.

Guests can choose to go alone or with a group of friends - the final destination remaining unknown until arrival. All you need to do is show up at the airport; Black Tomato will take care of the rest. Prices depend on how lost you want to get: find out more here.

Rhino Release

Venture beyond extraordinary in Great Karoo’s spectacular landscape and enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to help save the vulnerable Southern white rhino.

In the untamed heartland of South Africa’s Great Karoo, Cookson Adventures are offering a once in a lifetime chance to help relocate, name and release a white rhino into a protected 70,000-acre wilderness reserve. Find out more about this experience from the Jade concierge service delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Apex Awe

Explore rarely visited islands, have your breath taken away by nature’s most impressive predators, and be a part of their conservation.

Explore Mexico’s rarely visited Revillagigedo Archipelago, home to some of the world’s most spectacular marine wildlife and help conserve awe-inspiring shark species with a tagging and research expedition. Find out more from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Tea & Horse

An off-the-grid immersive adventure with minimal access to modern technology offering a unique insight into the development of trade and transport.

A stunning mix of cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery, this unrivalled journey spans centuries of traditions and trade, allowing us a rare opportunity to view a world that harks back to the Shangri-La of the Lost Horizon. Find out more about this experience from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Into the Wild with the Pandas

Venture into the mountainous soul of Sichuan, the giant panda's last wild habitat, with Beshan, the local arm of Wild China.

Explore the dense forests of Wolong Nature Reserve in search of wild pandas, while learning the finer points of panda conservation from expert guides. Get up close and personal with some of the resident giants as you help feed them and maintain their enclosures, then take a night drive through the reserve to find the other nocturnal dwellers. Find out more about this experience from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle here.

Walk with the Penguins

To experience nature at its best in a remote and relatively untouched area of the world look no further than Magdalena Island.

Board a catamaran and head out into the Strait of Magellan to Magdalena Island, a completely uninhabited barren, rock-strewn nature reserve that’s home to 350,000 Magellanic penguins of Chile. To see the penguins visit Regent Seven Seas Cruises here.

Cry Your Way to Catharsis

Hiroki Terai pioneered crying therapy in response to stressful working lives in Japan.

Crying is cathartic; a chance to release and relieve stress in a natural, healthy way. An opportunity for hardworking individuals to get back in touch with themselves.  Terai’s services are credited with making those who try it feel lighter, de-stressed and even elated. Find out more about the crying therapy for yourself here.

Jungle Transformation

An eco-luxury wellness resort located in the Filipino jungle, The Farm at San Benito offers holistic treatments focused around five pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair and Sustain.

With an emphasis on lifestyle coaching and health consultation, the aim is to return guests’ bodies to their ideal, balanced state. Working with doctors and therapists, nutritionists and chefs along with yoga teachers and fitness coaches, guests can expect to embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery.

Discover more about this Ultimate Wellbeing experience for yourself here.

Holistic Healing

Modrn Sanctuary is a holistic wellness centre in New York, dedicated to healing, relieving stress and alternative health and beauty.

Some of the more unusual treatments include advanced Cryoskin body contouring, or the immersive Sensory Crystal 7 Bed to aid sleep and rejuvenation. Other treatments include a meditation pod, IV drip therapy and non-invasive wrinkle elimination. You can explore the range of services available here.

Restore your Microbiome

Jeannette Hyde, nutritionist and author of The Gut Makeover, provides personal guidance at this replenishing Menorca retreat—healing and restoring guests’ microbiome to “rebalance heart, body and mind”. 

Clients taking part will undergo a four-week eating plan, enjoying Mediterranean-inspired meals, health consultations with Hyde. Not to mention the villa itself: Cugó Gran has rolling lawns, stunning sea views, an infinity pool and elegant Provençal-style rooms.  Find out more here.

A Journey Through Japan

It’s time to try Ultimate Wellness, the Japanese way. 

Some of the oldest wellness techniques in the world originate from Japan. Embark on this journey and try immersing yourself in the natural world via shinrin-yoku forest bathing, to Kintsugi Wellness, the healing art of reconstructing broken pottery

Explore Okinawan cuisine and discover why the Japanese live so long.  For more information:

The Hotel for Ultimate Fitness

Exclusive fitness club Equinox has launched a series of 5-star hotels. With the first opening in New York this year, the Equinox Hotel is built for ultimate high performance and designed to “inspire uncompromised results”.

Amenities include Equinox’s own special style of fitness experiences, personal training, a performance recovery-driven spa and sublime seasonal cuisine—accompanied by breath-taking cityscape views. Find out more about stays at the hotel here.

Routes to Personal Transformation​

The Class Retreatment and The Global Immersion are two programs dedicated to personal transformation run by Taryn Toomey.

At The Class Retreatment, guests are invited to “unpack their baggage” and optimise their mind, body and soul with the help of expert mentors. Choosing from one, four or six-day experiences, the retreat’s setting changes each time. With Ultimate Wellbeing at their core, more info on Taryn Toomey’s programmes can be found here.

Restore, Rejuvenate, Recover

ReCOVER was conceived to give hardworking individuals the space to restore and rejuvenate in whatever way they need to.

With the best recovery technology available—from CVAS to e-Stim, TENS to infrared—guests can get their bodies and minds back to tip-top condition, ready to take on new challenges with renewed form and strength. Explore the treatments available here

Live your best life

Transform the way you live with cutting-edge neuro-technology at Field, a New York private members club with a difference.

Field provides symptom resolution, cognitive enhancement, and overall optimisation focused on ‘unlocking peak levels of wellness and performance’. Its personalised approach is based  your unique brain and is designed to give you access to state of mind and body of which you'd never dreamed yourself capable. Get a system upgrade here.

Vitamin Sea

Experience the power of the sea with a rejuvenating thalassotherapy treatment at luxury Sardinian resort, Forte Village’s ultra-modern Forte Lab and Performance Center facilities.

The resort is also home to world class sports academies, such as the Chelsea Football Academy, with Chelsea FC's coaches and train with legends such as Paulo Ferreira, Dennis Wise and Tore André Flo.​

Discover the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Preserve and Conserve

Championing conservation, culture, and community, the World Monuments Fund is a not-for-profit dedicated to “saving the world’s most treasured places”.

The organisation preserves, restores and supports architectural and cultural heritage sites that are at risk, whether from neglect, natural forces or human actions. Join a mission to survey temples in Cambodia’s Angkor or travel to Japan to help preserve cultural heritage damaged by the 2011 earthquake. Learn more here.

Travel Behind the Headlines

Described as “one of the 10 best ethical travel companies in the world,'' Justice Travel is a social impact travel agency that uses tourism to support human rights.

Partnering with human rights activists and community leaders, Justice Travel connects travellers looking for meaningful experiences with local leaders in need of aid to transform underprivileged areas. You will be taken “behind the headlines” in small tour groups, seeing each country through the eyes of the inspiring people fighting for justice there. For trips that can make a real difference, book here to be part of the community.

A Safari with Purpose

A safari experience with purpose at its heart, the Phinda Impact Journey is a privately-guided, small group safari experience that focuses on conservation and community development activities.

&Beyond aims to bring to life the brand ethos of “leaving the world a better place than we found it.'' Hosted in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal nature reserve, the trip combines personal development, community outreach and conservation activities to offer a holistic experience to guests. Find your safari experience here.

Build Your Female Tribe

For “next level squad goals”, Girls Trip is a transformative travel experience focused on mentoring, networking and female empowerment.

It promotes solo female travel by curating an ecosystem of local and expatriate women to host and guide guests in their areas. The trip isn’t just about your personal journey—although that’s a big part, Girls Trip’s goal is also to empower future female leaders, by facilitating and offering mentorship to local school girls. Support the scheme and book your trip here.

Island Skill Swap

Salt of Palmar is a new travel destination in Mauritius that enables visitors and locals to connect creatively.

Those seeking to travel with greater purpose—while still indulging in the benefits of staying on a luxury island—can sign up to the hotel’s skill swap platform. Here, they’ll be able to share a skill of their own and, in return, learn new crafts from the islanders. Book your stay here.

Thoughtful Dining

With a focus on zero waste and regional produce, Dearborn is a modern-American supper club in Singapore helmed by chef Christopher Kong, who has worked in top Michelin restaurants around the world.

Serving greens, grains and seafood—and no red meat—Kong uses his knowledge and experience to bring diners an ever-evolving, thoughtful menu with “well executed techniques and finesse”.

Dearborn Supper Club is hosted in Kong’s own home. With a waiting list of six months, you can learn more about this exclusive experience here.

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Life Optimisation Through Travel Experiences

Run by former Olympians and respected personal development specialists, Chosen creates bespoke luxury travel programmes designed to help clients progress faster and feel stronger.

Encompassing nutrition, movement, innovation, adventure and mental performance, previous alumni state that the experiences were the best investment they’ve ever made. Discover more here.

Taking gastronomy to the next level

Feed your body and mind with this unique dining experience fusing food and science.

The three Michelin Star Restaurant El Cellar de Can Roca in Girona offers guests a next level culinary experience. Going beyond the plate and palette, the experience is designed to push senses to the next level, educating guests in the science behind the extraordinary foods they’re tasting. See more here.

Sharpen Your Skills by the Best of the Best

Special Forces and Intelligence services will test your decision making to its limits in a series of unique, high pressure ‘real life’ scenarios.

Led by former operatives who have served on the front line, attendees are taught in live scenarios. This experience takes place in undisclosed global locations and covers a range of practical skills that can be applied to your everyday: surveillance, escape and evasion, self-defence, kidnap negotiation and response. Find out more from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Brain 2.0

Always forgetting where you left your keys? Improve your cognitive function, coordination and memory up to 15% with Brain Photo Modulation, an innovative treatment approved by the University of Harvard and backed by more than 700 clinical studies. 

Offered at the idyllic SHA Wellness Clinic, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the treatments use neuromodulation techniques to stimulate cellular rehabilitation. Find out more here.

The Full Circle of Health

Take part in sound-healing sessions, sunrise yoga, and meditation at Circle Haus’ carefully curated global luxury retreats where a holistic approach to health is married with gastronomy.

During the day, you can detach from everyday life and focus on self-improvement, with health sessions, wellness treatments and workshops. At night, dinner will be served by renowned British chef, author and restaurateur Richard H Turner. Retreats are invitation only.

Transform your consciousness

Combining ancient Asian wisdom with neuroscience, Sangha Wellness resort and spa in China is an immersive retreat spread over 189,000 square metres of lakefront peninsula on Suzhou’s Yang Cheng Lake.

Its bespoke Quantum Leadership course is run by globally recognised executives, to help guests become more successful in business by becoming more in tune with themselves. Discover more here.

The Future is Female

Become a ‘Skillanthropist’ and help support and mentor female entrepreneurs in conflict-affected communities.

Join over 350 ‘Skillanthropists’ at Bpeace – volunteers that provide skills and business advice – and help promising female entrepreneurs and small business owners in countries such as Lebanon, Guatemala and El Salvador break through the barriers to growth. Find out more here.

Asian Art Appreciation

Expand your knowledge of Asian contemporary art with internationally celebrated gallerists.

Alongside world-renowned gallerist Pearl Lam or one of her senior experts, you will be guided on exclusive private tours of some of the world’s most influential art fairs and events across Hong Kong and Shanghai, learning the craft of contemporary art appreciation and analysis. Discover your inner art critic by finding out more from the Jade concierge services.

An exploration of the arts

Deepen your appreciation of the art that matters most to you.

The Cultivist is the world’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to every aspect of the art world through a truly personal service and tailored experience. The Cultivist welcomes you to a new world of art. Start your journey by finding out more from the Jade concierge services delivered by Ten Lifestyle.

Enrich List referrals guarantee HSBC Jade clients fast-tracked membership approval through The Cultivist's external committee, which only accepts 20 applications a month.

Embrace Purposeful Living

Located across Asia, Canvas values purposeful living, stimulating conversation and lasting relationships. From learning traditional cooking techniques and engaging in sustainability projects with local farms to hosting initiatives and conferences, the club seeks to propel local art, culture, cuisine and commerce into new realms. Start reimagining here.

Create Meaningful Connections

Technology and social media leave us simultaneously hyperconnected yet increasingly isolated. 

Norn is a modern-day members club for digital nomads travelling the world but resisting the idea that travelling often means engaging only superficially with the place you are in. Created to help people cultivate more meaningful connections in the ‘real world’, members of Norn meet in secret locations each week to discuss new ideas that could change the world. Join the waitlist here.

Post Digital Play

Slash their screen time without disconnecting the WiFi. Unleash creativity at Nubo.

Approaching play with cognitive science in mind, Nubo is a day club for children up to the age of 10 in Sydney’s Alexandria and Chatswood districts. The premium play space avoids digital devices and providing only simple toys and a series of different creative environments. Find out more here.

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